Arrange and enjoy your vacation to St Bart’s


One of the best-kept secrets of the French Indies is St Barthelemy. St Barthelemy, better known as St. Barts, is a taste of glamour in French Riviera flair in a sophisticated island experience. A volcanic island, St Barts is ringed with shallow reefs making it an Eden for beach lovers. The landscape of St Bartholomew is marked by the combination of a rough and almost unforgiving mountainous terrain and beaches that could match even the best of the world. The inland spectacle of St. Bart activities serves as a primer for what is in store underwater. A splendid array of multi-hued aquatic flora and fauna would greet the eye of any spectator and never failingly paint a smile on any face.


After a Longhaul flight to the Caribbean across the world, one of the first thing on your mind is the golden sand beaches. St Bart beaches are the main draw for its growing and popular tourism. When in the island, crescents upon crescents of pure and inviting turquoise waters, thriving underwater ecosystem, and sandy shorelines are expected. Corrosol Beach is popular because of its brown sand.  Shell beach is perfect for those seeking to add the perfect specimen to their shell collections while enjoying a few quick dips in the waters. Colombier Beach, although may pose some degree of challenge, provides the most majestic and breathtaking panoramas in the island. Flamands Beach, with its almost powdery sand, is the most visited because of its immense size. Toiny Beach, with its challenging and humongous waves, is flocked by surfers rearing to plunge into the tricky waters.


What to Do

 St. Bart resorts offer some of the best adventures to its visitors. They usually have a list of concessionaires handy for tourists’ easy access in partaking escapades that will ensure an unforgettable time in St. Barts. The growing popular activity is the ATV treks where visitors literally go against the rugged terrain. Hiking and trekking are equally well liked because it poses not only a good sweat but packs an emotional and physical high. In sea exploits remains to be flocked as well. Scuba diving and snorkelling remain to be topping the list because of the island’s immensely rich marine wildlife. However, a good number of adrenaline junkies gather in the island for parasailing, windsurfing, wakeboarding and waterskiing. For a touch of history and culture, Inter Oceans Museum, Wall House Museum and St. Barts Municipal Museum are the well-loved attractions.


Shopping is among the delightful St. Barts activities. A duty-free port, shoppers will take delight in involving in retail activities. Shops have a very striking resemblance to those found in Rue du Faubourg St. Honoré in Paris with international brands like Bvlgari, Hermes and Louis Vuitton. However, the most concentration of shops is found in the town of Gustavia where several grand shopping malls with products from local handicrafts and goods as well as imported French ceramic, accessories and apparel.

Eating and Drinking

With nearly over 80 restaurants, international and Creole cuisine tops the gastronomic delights just within easy reach from St. Bart resorts. Among the top choices are the gourmet dining in On the Rocks, the beachfront setting and sumptuous local produce in O’Corail, the romantic Caribbean appeal and plush cooking in La Plage. Like in its home country of France, a good meal deserves a great wine compliment. Whether white or red, visitors should never fail to relish in a good wine. Nightlife is bursting in the island too. With its unique Caribbean feel and French sophistication, Baz Bar in Gustavia is frequented for its live band.

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