Discover the Stunning Virgin Islands

Lying in between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean at east of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands is a must-go destination for a perfect vacation and memorable beach getaway.

The Virgin Islands formerly referred to as the Danish West Indies is renowned for its lovely breathtaking natural beauty, pristine beach waters, pearl-white sand, rich and diverse natural resources and lush greeneries. It is a popular destination for thousands of tourists flocking the islands every year.

If you are planning to visit the islands, here are things you need to know about these islands.

  1. The three main islands

The Virgin Islands have three main islands beckoning for you to explore, namely:

The St. Thomas

This is where the US Virgin Islands capital – Charlotte Amalie – is located. Being the islands capital, it is also the most populated island and it is one of the most active cruise ports in the world.

The St. Croix

This is the largest among the three islands with two known towns – Christiansted and Frederiksted. St. Croix boasts of its distinct architecture, history-rich forts and museums.

The St. John

The island is covered by 60 percent of national parks. A home for campers and diverse wonders of nature and lush trees.

  1. Introducing the Water Island

Aside from the 3 main islands, there is a tiny island measuring fewer than 1.3 square miles only. The island is only a ten minutes ferry ride from the island of St. Thomas.

  1. Enjoy passport-free entry

If you are a US citizen, travelling to the Virgin Islands is so easy, you do not need a passport as it is not required for US and American Samoan citizens.

  1. How to get to and around the islands

Via plane

Flights are available in St. Thomas and St. Croix. But St. John does not have an airport though it’s accessible via St. Thomas.

Via ferries and boats

Boats or ferries are abundant in the islands. In fact, the best way to explore the islands is through boating and sailing. You can get the most of your experience by hiring a term charter. No other term chartering service in the islands does better than Mr. Charter Virgin Islands. You can visit their site for easy booking, and you can get to explore the island of St. Thomas via the awesome service of Mr. Charter St. Thomas and they also have a number of vessels to choose from across the different islands.

Via cars, bus, taxis

There is plenty to get around and explore in the islands. Car rentals are common in the island as with bus and taxis. The rates of the bus and taxis are regulated by the Virgin Islands Taxicab Commission.

  1. The left driving is still practiced here

Do not be surprised with the left moving traffic within the Virgin Islands. The USVI is still following the British left side driving. The steering wheel of the vehicles in the islands are also on the left side.