Life Insurance Policies in Different Countries

Life insurance is a protection against any financial loss that would result from the untimely death of an insured. The named recipient receives the proceeds and protects from the economic effect. A life insurer pays the death benefit in consideration for premium payments made by insured. In different countries, the insurance policies are different. Here I listed some countries with different insurance policies.

Life Insurance in Pakistan

The insurance company describes as a business providing you coverage, by the act of paying you because of disaster, harms, damage, treatment or hardship in return for installments. The organization calculates the chances of an annoying event, check the expenses to replace the incident and determine the premium sum. It is a financial service provided by the insurance companies.

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How do Insurance Companies work?

When you are buying an insurance policy, you make regular installments, known as premiums, to the backup plan. If you make a case, your sponsor will pay for the misfortune that secures under the listed terms and conditions of the agreement.

On the other hand, if you do not make a case of assertion, you will not recover your cash rather your money will be shared with the premiums of different policyholders who have bought out insurance with the same insurance agency. If you make a claim, then the reward you will get is supported by the pool of premiums of other policyholders.

To decide what kind of insurance you require, consider the following things:

  • Why do you need compensation?
  • What thing do you want to include in your compensation and to what range you can afford?
  • How long you want it? It is the time duration. Whether you need it for yourself, friends or family.

Insurance Companies in Pakistan

Following are some leading insurance businesses in Pakistan:

  • East West Life Assurance Company
  • IGI Insurance Limited
  • EFU Life Assurance LTD
  • New Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited
  • State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan

Life Insurance in America

There are two major types of insurance: term life insurance and permanent life insurance.

Term and Permanent Life Insurance

Term life insurance only provides coverage during a set timeframe and typically expires with no cash value. Whole life insurance is right for your entire life, as long as you keep paying the payments. With permanent life insurance, there is a certain payout at the end, but the tradeoff is that it is much more expensive.

A portion of the premium goes into the saving account which you can use as security against the loan and the interest earned can be used to pay your premium. If you cash out the account, though, say good bye to your death benefits.

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Insurance Companies in America

Following are some insurance businesses in America:

  • Berkshire Hathaway
  • Allianz
  • American International Group
  • MetLife

Life Insurance in UAE

There are different kinds of life insurance policies in the UAE market. The final aim of all the life insurance policies is to provide the family of the policyholder if something happens to him. Each kind of insurance system has its own unique set of features and benefits. Following are some types of life insurance policies:

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance policies offer the covers only for a defined term. It may be one year or more depending on the plan. The death benefit will pay to the family of the policyholder, in the case of death of the policyholder during the policy term.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance Policy, also known as straight life insurance policy, is the only life insurance policy that offers cover up to the age of 95 years. The customer or investor can gain the benefits of protection from the system for whole life.

Universal Life Insurance

It is a life insurance policy that will let the policy holder adapt their plan by adding a broad range of investment options. The plan comes with a wide variety of benefits including death benefit, tax benefits and much more.

Benefits of Life Insurance Policy

There are many benefits of life insurance policies. Here some advantages are listed below:

Life cover protection

With the help of life coverage benefit, your family can meet any financial requirements or responsibilities in the event of your death.

Low premium costs

Life Insurance Policies provide high coverage at low cost.


Customers can choose three major currencies, USD, GBP and EURO in Dubai. In the case of death of any policy holder, his or her family will get the smash sum in the selected currency.

Value Addition

Life insurance is an affordable financial system which confirms that your family can pay off all your liabilities in the event of your death.

Offers renewable terms

Most life insurance policies provide renewable terms. If you choose a five-year renewable term policy, you cannot only enjoy coverage for the said period but also renew the policy for the same duration.

Life Insurance in Desert Safari

The Road and Transport Authority and the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing make a rule for the drivers of Desert Safari Dubai to obtain the Desert Guide permit from the department of Tourism which allows them to apply for any of or both Morning Safari Dubai and Evening Safari Driving licenses at RTA.

Insurance is necessary for those vehicles which used in Desert Safari. Without insurance, you cannot use any vehicle. Insurance policies could be proving beneficial in many senses. For example, your family can meet any financial requirements or responsibilities in the case of any accident or mishap.

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